The 72 Angels of Kabblah Cloth-Angel’s Order

The 72 Angels of Kabblah Cloth-Angel’s Order


The 72 Angels of Kabbalah

In the Zohar (155 B), the Hebrew Book of Splendour, it is said that God sent Archangel Ratziel, (who reigns in the mysteries of the highest wisdom, Chokmah,) a book to give to Adam. This book was about the holy mysteries of the highest nature, the Holy wisdom of the 72 kinds of knowledge, virtue and power.

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The 72 Angels support in the process of development and help to gain greater access to our own potential, that we may fulfil our unique purpose of incarnation.  The old Kabbalists offer us the possibility to look at three guardians related to the birthday and birth time, which can help to reveal the conditioning and potential we brought with us from former lives. To Know Thyself, we have to remember that we are beings composed of a physical, emotional,intellectual and spiritual body. Only their sacred harmonious interplay offers our well being. So the Divine in our spiritual is expressed in each of the other three, in our body, feeling and mind.

The circle of the 72 Angels can be seen as an echo of this Divine form. The chorus of the Angels is the potential for evolution which forms the circle. This is a symbol of God’s first impulse of creation which manifests itself as true sound and colour (the word and the light).

The science of the Kabbalah reveals this substance of the Divine as 72 nameable qualities. This God code is called the ShemHamphorash, the holy body of the creator, *made up of 72 divine qualities which the names of the 72 Angels represent.. We understand the sacred 72 Angels as alchemical agents of change who are able to alter the way we are affected by our life. We look at them as an expression of our divine blueprint.. We are all made up of God substance, no matter who we are and where we come from and the purifying vibration of the Angels forms our Light Body, our most potent communication vehicle with the divine.
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